0.0.1. I am facing issues while setting up.


Please verify the system requirements mentioned in installation procedure.

0.0.2. I am getting a watchman error when I run npm install.


  • Update watchman to the latest version.
  • Run npm install again.

0.0.3. Unrecognized font family ionicons

When I run it in Xcode I'm getting a "Build Failed" error, with message:
  • ld: library not found for -lRNVectorIcons
  • clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

0.0.4. react-native-vector-icons peer installation failed

The react-native-vector-icons is always not installed.
I follow up the installation instruction by using rnpm link.
But this doesn't seem to link the package correctly.

0.0.5. How to override style in NativeBase?

I didn't find a way to override style.
How can I include React StyleSheet into my app?

0.0.6. How do I add events with the components?

What events are available for the components?
Example buttons, list items etc.

0.0.7. None of the above, I have a different error

The above listed FAQs were not of your help?
Facing some other issues?

0.0.8. How to customize components of NativeBase?

I didn't find a way to customize the default styles of NativeBase components.

0.0.9. I want list of icons with their names used in NativeBase

Docs says Choose from 700+ Icons
I want the complete list of icons containing the name and image of the icons that are ready to use.

0.0.10. FlatList inside Content item invokes onEndReached infinite times

I was facing the issue that onEndReached was getting called again and again after an interval when setting onEndReachedThreshold greater than 0.

0.0.11. I want to style Tabs, change text color of individual Tab

I want to change width of Tabs, and change TextColor of individual Tab.

0.0.12. Content of Left Component not being rendered at the left of the screen

I am not sure why the content of Left appears at somewhere middle of the screen. It should appear at left side.

0.0.13. I want to get the reference of native-base floatinglabel Input

How can I get the reference of native-base floatinglabel Input?

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