Release Notes

0.1. 2.12.1

0.2. Bug Fixes

  • Picker: Picker on iOS ellipsize text along with icon when an overflow happens.
  • Typescript: Added onPress property.

0.3. 2.12.0

0.3.1. General Features

  • Installation: Changed CRNA to Expo in installation instructions.
  • Vulnerability Issue: Upgraded loadsh to fix vulnerability issue.

0.3.2. Upgraded Features

  • Accordion: Added Test case for Accordion.
  • FAB: Disable FABs android ripple effect and ripple effect wrt borderRadius.
  • Item: Added Item Event Handler.
  • Tabs: Tabs width update.
  • Theme:
    • iPhoneX feature flag modification from specified theme.
    • Updated theme variable value for ListItem.
  • Typescript:
    • Added Button hasText to Typescript.
    • Added hide() function to Toast typing.
    • Added prerenderingSiblingsNumber to Tabs.
    • Updated Type definitions.

0.3.3. Bug Fixes

  • ActionSheet: Fixed height issue.
  • Button: Fixed nested array style.
  • DatePicker: Date Picker disabled prop fix.
  • Fab: Fixed Fab syntax bugs.
  • Theme: Fixed Header height issue for iPhoneX with material theme combination.
  • Typescript: Fixed React Native style types refs.

0.4. 2.11.0

0.4.1. General Features

  • react-timer-mixin(0.13.4): Added to dependencies of Native-Base.

0.5. 2.10.0

0.5.1. General Features

  • react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view: Upgraded from 0.5.0 to 0.8.0.
  • react-native-drawer: Upgraded from 2.5.0 to 2.5.1.

0.6. 2.9.4

0.6.1. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typo.

0.7. 2.9.3

0.7.1. Upgraded Features

  • TypeScript: Header noLeft added to TypeScript.
  • Added missing Font files.

0.8. 2.9.2

0.8.1. Bug Fixes

  • iPhoneX family height issue fixed.

0.9. 2.9.1

0.9.1. Upgraded Features

  • TypeScript:
    • Added tabs property to TypeScript definition.
    • Added radio property to TypeScript definition.
    • Added expanded property of <Accordion> to Typescript definition.
    • Added AntDesign and FontAwesome5 to TypeScript.
  • Theme: passed variables param to cardTheme.
  • Updated .travis.yml (ci:test Node.js).
  • Updated index.d.ts.
  • Removed commented console log statements.

0.9.2. Bug Fixes

  • ListemItem: Fixed testID for ListItem.
  • Drawer: Android drawer overlay fix.
  • Typescript:
    • Fixed Typescript definition for picker property of <Item>.
    • Fixed Typescript error for <Picker> prop supportedOrientations.
  • Fixed circular dependencies and eslint warnings.
  • Lint fix.

0.10. 2.9.0

0.10.1. General Features

  • react-native-vector-icons: Upgraded from 6.0.2 to 6.1.0.
  • Updated icon names as per Ionicons family of react-native-vector-icons.

0.10.2. Upgraded Features

  • Added AntDesign and FontAwesome5 icons.

0.11. 2.8.2

0.11.1. General Features

  • react-native-vector-icons: Upgraded from 4.6.0 to 6.0.2.

0.11.2. Upgraded Features

  • ListemItem:
    • Used 'undefined' instead of 'null' for exports.ListItem.
    • Fixed testID for ListItem.
  • Typescript:
    • Added radio property to Typescript definition.
    • Added tabs property to Typescript definition.
  • TextArea: Added bordered attribute in index.d.ts.
  • Theme: passed variables param to cardTheme.
  • TabBar: Removed circular dependency.
  • DatePicker:
    • Removed circular dependency.
    • Added prop supportedOrientations.
  • List: Added functions openLeftRow() & openRightRow() in Swipeable List.

0.11.3. Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox:
    • Checkbox Icon display issue fixed.
    • “transparent” tick/alpha issue in Android fixed.
  • Drawer: Android drawer overlay fix.
  • Picker: Landscape mode orientation issue fixed with prop supportedOrientations.
  • Item: FloatingLabel animation issue fixed.
  • Fixed linter warnings.

0.12. 2.8.1

0.12.1. Upgraded Features

  • Header: Added transparent prop.
  • Added transpiled flow-typed.
  • Theme: Added // @flow support to ejected Theme.

0.12.2. Bug Fixes

  • Item:
    • FloatingLabel color issue fixed.
    • FloatingLabel broken issue fixed.
    • Thumbnail support for FloatingLabel.
  • Button: Background bug issue fixed.
  • Accordion: TypeScript error for expanded property on renderHeader issue fixed.

0.13. 2.8.0

0.13.1. General Features

  • lodash: Upgraded lodash to 4.17.0 to fix low vulnerability issue.

0.13.2. Upgraded Features

  • Drawer: Added back Drawer.
  • Form: Added disabled prop with TextArea.
  • Gravatar: Added missing import prop-types package.

0.13.3. Bug Fixes

  • Form:
    • Fixed floatingLabel input label cuts on Android Plus devices.
    • Fixed modifying the assertion on the Item component to use displayName prop.
  • Header: Fixed Icon size for Left and Right component of Header.
  • ListItem: Fixed Left component alignment for ListItem avatar when the content in Body is in multiple lines.

0.14. 2.7.2

0.14.1. General Features

  • lodash: Upgraded lodash to 4.17.0 to fix low severity vulnerability.

0.14.2. Upgraded Features

  • Accordion: Takes flexible dataArray input by passing item as callback parameter instead of title and content.
  • Toast: Added hide function for hiding toast.
  • Typescript: Updated extended prop names.

0.14.3. Bug Fixes

  • Card: Fixed Card flexes with wrapping Content.
  • Footer: Vue Native - Footer issue fixed for iPhoneX.
  • Header:
    • Fixed vertical alignment of elements in Header on iPhoneX.
    • Vue Native - Header issue fixed for iPhoneX.
  • Icon: Fixed Ionicons, Feather and MaterialCommunityIcons font issue of 2.7.1.
  • Input: Modified assertion on the Item component to use the displayName prop to support HOC.
  • Tabs: Allow overriding of theme variable with explicit styles prop on Tab.
  • TypeScript: Fixed date picker props.

0.15. 2.7.1

0.15.1. General Features

  • React Native Vector Icons: Upgraded from 4.5.0 to 4.6.0

0.15.2. Upgraded Features

  • ActionSheet: Added hide() to close actionsheet on command (Android).
  • Date Picker:
    • Show default date if placeHolderText prop is not defined.
    • Added disabled prop to prevent user making selection of date.
    • Allow formatting of DatePicker chosen date text.
  • Drawer: Deprecated NativeBase Drawer.
  • Tab: Tab button text font size is customizable from theme.
  • Theme: Added default background color (white) for container component.

0.15.3. Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox: Checkbox icon takes CheckboxIconMarginTop theme variable.
  • Picker: Supports different Picker.Item generation.
  • Theme: Theme files support transform (array of objects).
  • Typescript:
    • Added prop mode in Picker.
    • Added Content keyboardShouldPersistTaps and keyboardDismissMode typings.

0.16. 2.7.0

0.16.1. Dependencies

  • React >= 16.4.1
  • React Native >= 0.56.0

0.16.2. Upgraded Features

  • Upgraded react-native-easy-grid to 0.2.0
  • Upgraded babel-jest to 23.2.0
  • Upgraded babel-preset-react-native to 4.0.0
  • Upgraded jest to 23.3.0
  • Upgraded react to 16.4.1
  • Upgraded react-native to 0.56.0
  • Upgraded react-native-vector-icons to 4.6.0
  • Upgraded react-test-renderer to 16.4.1

0.16.3. Bug Fixes

  • Compatible with React Native 0.56.0, fixed ReactNativePropRegistry issue.

0.17. 2.6.1

0.17.1. Upgraded Features

  • Accordion: Added expanded props to accordion.
  • ActionSheet: Fixed as per design guidelines.
  • Date Picker: Added onDateChange callback support for Android.
  • Picker: Fixed Header Left Button alignment as per design guidelines.
  • Theme:
    • Card:
      • Replaced listItemPadding for cards with new variable cardItemPadding. This lets to customize space between Card and CardItem.
      • Updated transparent prop to render without elevation and border.
    • Input: Added Picker support with Input. Introduced picker prop with <Item>.

0.17.2. Bug Fixes

  • Accordion: Added expanded parameter to renderHeader callback method.
  • Font: Added Fonts/MaterialCommunityIcons.ttf.
  • Header: Added Statusbar color support for transparent Header on Android.
  • Input: Fixed FloatingLabel's float issue onFocus of Input.

0.18. 2.6.0

0.18.1. New Features

  • Added Vue-Native plugin for NativeBase.

0.19. 2.5.2

0.19.1. Upgraded Features

  • Accordion: Added border style to accordion along with customisable from theme.
  • Card: Added card borderRadius to theme.
  • DatePicker:
    • Exposed onDateChange method for iOS.
    • Added placeHolderTextStyle props to DatePicker.
  • Header: Added transparent prop with Header.
  • Typescript: Added definitions for Accordion and DatePicker.

0.19.2. Bug Fixes

  • General: NativeBase passes flow check.
  • Header: Fix header padding issue on iphoneX in case of inline styles.
  • Input:
    • StackedLabel supports multiline prop.
    • Fixed back StackedLabel input scroll.
    • FloatingLabel supports multiline prop.
    • Added check to filter out Input.
  • Tabs: Tab button text font size is customizable from theme.
  • Typescript:
    • Fixed typo.

0.20. 2.5.1

0.20.1. Upgraded Features

  • Changes in package.json to improve install and jest performance

0.21. 2.5.0

0.21.1. New Features

  • Added Accordion component.
  • Added Date Picker component.
  • Added Jest test cases to components.

0.21.2. Upgraded Features

  • Upgraded dev dependencies to support Jest test cases.
  • Safearea implementation for Header, Content and Footer.
  • Icon: Added type Icon Proptypes.
  • Picker:
    • Added back modalStyle for iOS picker.
    • Added enabled prop to picker for iOS.
  • Segment: Added icon support with segments.
  • Typescript:
    • Added Icon typing to Button.
    • Added noIndent typing to ListItem.
    • Updated with new types which supports latest of react-native types (16.3+).

0.21.3. Bug Fixes

  • ActionSheet:
    • Update ActionSheet refs, if application root is reinitialized.
    • Title space added to Actionsheet only in presence of title prop.
  • Button: View renders Block style button in Form for Android.
  • Input: Floating Label reset its position when input is cleared.
  • ListItem:
    • Added touchableHighlightStyle props for listItem.
    • ListItem supports all touchablenativefeedback props.
  • Picker:
    • Picker renders with single item defined in its Item list.
    • Picker radio button aligned to right.
  • Segment: Removed segment button horizontal padding.
  • Toast:
    • Update Toast refs, if application root is reinitialized.
    • Set Toast without timeout along with reason for onClose.
  • Typescript: CheckBox interface extends Touchableopacity props.

0.22. 2.4.5

Fixed Header as per iOS and material design guidelines

0.23. Upgraded Features

  • Added noLeft prop with Header. Irrespective of Left component defined or not, Android will display Body's Title component to left of display. Applicable for Android platform, no changes when used for iOS

0.24. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lineHeight for Left, Body, Right components
  • Fixed alignment of child elements of Left, Body and Right components
  • Fixed fontSize (text, icon) for child elements of Left and Right components
  • Fixed hasText for Header's Button used with Left and Right components
  • Fixed Title fontSize and fontWeight
  • Fixed Subtitle fontSize and fontWeight
  • Header's Left component will not render Text button for Android

0.25. 2.4.4

0.25.1. Upgraded Features

  • Font: Default font size changed to 16.

0.25.2. Bug Fixes

  • Card: Fixed CardItem bordered from displaying randomly for Android.
  • Font: Added Font rubicon-icon-font.ttf.
  • Footer: Fixed Button text color for all color shades when used in <Footer>.
    • Fixed floating label input text from going onto second line.
    • Removed lineHeight dependency of Stackedlabel input.
  • ListItem:
    • Added noBorder style for ListItem with props namely icon, avatar and thumbnail.
    • Added noIndent props to listItem.
    • Added listItemSelected to theme variables.
    • Added support to style iosIcon of picker (iOS).
    • Fixed Picker from disappearing for Android when displayed along with icon.
  • Radio: Added active and inactive color props to radio.

0.26. 2.4.3

0.26.1. General

  • Folder Structure: Renamed Utils to utils.

0.26.2. Bug Fixes

  • Button: Removed lineHeight dependency in button.
  • Card:
    • Added noShadow to card theme.
    • Fixed CardItem header and footer border for Android.
  • Header: Reduce space between left button and title for Android.
  • Input:
    • FloatingLabel renders icon, label and input in its order of definition.
    • Added missing ref to Input in Item.js.
    • Removed lineHeight dependency of Input.
  • Picker: Removed Content wrapping Flatlist.
  • Typescript:
    • Moved listview properties of interface ReactListViewProperties to Card interface.
    • Added missing props to list interface.
    • Added getRef to Input interface.
    • Added span and hasSubtitle to Header interface.
    • Added missing props of Picker, Header, SwipeRow, Toast.

0.27. 2.4.2

0.27.1. General

  • Upgraded react native vector icons.
  • Upgraded react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view.

0.27.2. Bug Fixes

  • Button:
    • Fixed icon alignment with small button for iOS.
    • Added transparent theme with disabled button.
    • Added maxHeight to rounded button.
    • Aligned icons with title text.
  • Content: Moved padding from Content's style to contentContainerStyle.
  • Input:
    • Fixed Input scrolling issue for stackedLabel.
    • Input fixed to fetch variables from theme context. inputColorPlaceholder reflects changes when customized in ejected theme.
  • Searchbar: Fixed searchbar input lineHeight when Input is passed with value.
  • TypeScript:
    • Added contentProps to Tabs.
    • Override picker style type.

0.28. 2.4.1

0.28.1. Bug Fixes

  • General: Updated npm-ignore to fix install issue.

0.29. 2.4.0

0.29.1. New Features

  • NativeBase is now available for web.

0.29.2. Upgraded Features

  • Theme:
    • Removed excess marginLeft with List.

0.29.3. Bug Fixes

  • Button: Fixed ripple / highlight effect on a rounded button with respect to its border radius.
  • CardItem: Fixed Text color of CardItem with bordered. Fixed Footer text when used with bordered CardItem.
  • FAB: Fixed FAB container flexDirection code.
  • Label: Fixed usage of StyleSheet with Label.
  • ListItem: ListItem pass down delayPressOut & other TouchableHighlight props.
  • Theme:
    • Fixed FooterTab variables for Android.
  • Typescript:
    • Added refreshing and refreshControl to Content definition.
    • Added textStyle field to Picker.

0.30. 2.3.10

0.30.1. Upgraded Features

  • General: Included NativeBase support for Ignite in ReadMe.
  • Icons: Added EvilIcons support for Icons.

0.30.2. Bug Fixes

  • General: NativeBase components resolved in PhpStorm / WebStorm.
  • FAB: Added stylesheet support for styling Fab child buttons.
  • Icons: Icons render wrt type when fetching names across different font families.
  • Input: Fix for Input underline color (Android).
  • ListItem: Fixed selected style for ListItem.
  • Picker: Changed FlatList keytype from number to string.
  • Tabs: Keyboard double click issue fixed with Tabs.
  • Theme:
    • Fixed platform, material and common theme for iOS and Android.
    • Theme files supports fontVariant (array of enum).
  • TypeScript:
    • Added missing props for SwipeRow.
    • Added the style property to the Checkbox.

0.31. 2.3.9

0.31.1. General

  • Button: TouchableNativeFeedback supports Android Platform Version 21 onwards.

0.31.2. Upgraded Features

  • Theme: Fix/remove platform dependency/materialjs.
  • Toast:
    • Refactored ToastContainer to DRY-up calls to Animated.timing.
    • Save a timeout when fading the toast out by using the Animated.timing completion callback.
  • Typescript:
    • Added thumbnail prop in ListItem Typescript.
    • Added small and large properties to Thumbnail.
    • Added leftOpenValue property to interface List.
    • Added few Card and CardItem types.
    • Added type prop to Icon.
    • Added button icon types for ActionSheet options.

0.31.3. Bug Fixes

  • ActionSheet:
    • Fixed warning issue. Changed Flatlist keytype from number to string.
    • Defined bounds of ActionSheet modal to restrict within the Root container in case of huge list of options for ActionSheet modal.
  • Footer: Styled child components of Footer.
  • Input: Fixed overlapping of Stack label with Input text field when wrapped without Content.
  • Typescript:
    • Changed SubTitle to Subtitle.

0.32. 2.3.8

0.32.1. General

  • Dev-dependencies: Upgraded react-native-easy-grid from 0.1.15 to 0.1.17

0.32.2. Upgraded Features

  • Button: Improved Button theme structure to remove code redundancies.
  • CardItem: Improved CardItem theme structure to remove code redundancies.
  • Icon: Accept Icon Type as a prop.
  • List: Added enable EmptySections flag to List to render empty section headers.
  • Toast:
    • Toast component improvements with onClose callback.
    • Fixed Toast timeout bug. Save the timeout ID when a toast is shown so that we can clear any existing timeout when a new toast is shown so that an old timeout doesn't close a new toast prematurely.
  • TypeScript: Added optional SwipeRow properties to prevent tslint error.

0.32.3. Bug Fixes

  • Input: FLoating Label is cropped from top while it floats on top.
  • H1, H2, H3: H1, H2, H3 now takes number along with string as input.
  • Segment: Fixed segment overlapping with Right element in Header.
  • Theme: Fixed menu icon color for Android.
  • TypeScript:
    • Added TypeScript support for Picker placeholderStyle.
    • ViewStyles to accept array.
    • Typescript declaration file missing ScrollableTab.
    • Fixed Header Title type.

0.33. 2.3.7

0.33.1. Upgraded Features

  • Packages: Replaced git URL by release versions for react-native-drawer and react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view.
  • Theme: Updated some of the theme variables.

0.34. 2.3.6

0.34.1. New Features

  • Font:
    • Adding support for Feather Font.
    • Added support for EvilIcons.

0.34.2. Upgraded Features

  • ActionSheet: Replaced ListView with FlatList in ActionSheet.
  • CardItem: Added activeOpacity prop for CardItem.
  • Picker: Replaced ListView with FlatList in Picker.
  • SwipeRow: Added style implementation for SwipeRow.
  • Theme:
    • Updated Shoutem theme from 0.2.1 to 0.2.2.
    • Removed unused theme variables.
    • Sorted variables component-wise alphabetically.
  • Type definition:
    • Updated type definition for ActionSheet. Title optional.
    • Added Btn, Tabs and Tabs missing types.

0.34.3. Bug Fixes

  • General:
    • Removes unused and broken var declaration.
    • Added missing property style to interface separator in index.d.ts.
  • FAB:
    • Fixed buttongroup popping out initially on bottomLeft.
    • Proper spacing between FAB and buttongroup for all positions.
  • Tab: Tab's initialPage and tab indicator issue fixed.
  • Type definition: SwipeRow not exported in TypeScript definition. Added missing export SubTitle in typescript declaration file.

0.35. 2.3.5

0.35.1. Bug Fixes

  • Release Crash: Fixed PropTypes issue, which caused Release Crash for iOS and Android.
  • Actionsheet:
    • Actionsheet for Android returns buttonIndex as number.
    • Fixed Actionsheet returning different buttonIndex for different platforms when on touch outside
  • Card: Fixed UI breakage with Card for iPhoneX view.
  • Icon: Wrong icon name mapping for Android.
  • Picker: Added placeholderStyle to Picker. Customizable color for Icon with Picker
  • Searchbar: Text vertically centered in Header SearchBar.
  • Tabs: Fixed overlayTop position for Tabs.
  • Toast: Text and Button-text supports empty string. Added default duration of 1500.
  • Theme:
    • Removed unused variable listItemHeight.
    • Use theme to turn off uppercase buttons on Android

0.36. 2.3.4

0.36.1. Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard behaviour: Added keyboardShouldPersistTaps prop with handled as default value.

0.37. 2.1.4

0.37.1. Upgraded Features

  • Upgraded react-native-vector-icons to 4.1.1
  • Upgraded native-base-shoutem-theme to 0.1.4
  • Excluded react-native-scrollable-tab-view dependency

0.37.2. Bug Fixes

  • Button: Made button text uppercase by default for Android
  • Text: Added uppercase prop to Text
  • View: Fixed warning for View proptype

0.38. 2.1.3

0.38.1. Upgraded Features

  • Fixed StaticContainer issue
  • Update Typescript definitions

0.38.2. Bug Fixes

  • ActionSheet: Fixed issue on pressing Android Back button while an ActionSheet is displayed
  • Segment: Fixed Segment issue to render at the center of Header
  • CheckBox: Fixed property for changing CheckBox background color
  • CardItem: Fixed issue with borderBottomWidth for last CardItem
  • Icons: Renders SimpleLineIcons
  • List:
    • List re-renders when children change on iOS
    • Dynamic List refreshes when data is refreshed
  • FAB: FAB expands with icons
  • Toast:
    • Fixed Button text on Toast
    • Works in landscape mode
  • Picker: Works in landscape mode
  • Fixed native-base-shoutem-theme

0.39. 2.1.2

0.39.1. Upgraded Features:

  • Changed package name for Shoutem theme
  • Touchable effect to Card
  • Updated Doc URL for Customize section in ejectTheme.js

0.39.2. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Icon color with Form item Floating labels
  • Fixed property for changing CheckBox background color
  • Fixed Checkbox Size attribute

0.40. 2.1.0

0.40.1. Bug Fixes

  • Picker: Fixed related picker issue.
  • General: Performance issue resolved.

0.41. 2.0.0-alpha1

0.41.1. New Features

  • Tab: Uncontrolled Tabs similar to FooterTabs.
  • Icon: Gives platform specific icons.
  • Form Components
    • Item: Much like InputGroup with added features of inline label, stacked label, and floating label.
  • Left, Body, Right: Views which aligns its content to the left, center, right respectively.
  • Smart Components:
    • Header
    • Button
    • Tabs
  • StyleProvider: To apply themes and customize any components.

0.41.2. Upgraded Features

  • With StyleProvider, all components are fully customizable.
  • CardItem, Header and ListItem: Use of Left, Body and Right components for proper alignments and customization.

0.42. 0.5.21

0.42.1. Bug Fixes

  • FABs: Fixed scrolling issue.
  • Footer Tabs: Fixed TabBar text size issue.

0.42.2. Upgraded Features

0.43. 0.5.20

0.43.1. Bug Fixes

  • Button: Fixed for null children condition.
  • Vector Icons: Fixed installation dependency of React Native Vector Icons.
  • Input: InlineLabel Input fixed.

0.44. 0.5.19

0.44.1. New Features

  • Gravatar: Thumbnail like feature which pulls out avatar of user if registered globally.

0.44.2. Upgraded Features

  • Picker:
    • Added new props.
    • Support inside an InputGroup when used with ListItem.

0.44.3. Bug Fixes

  • InputGroup: Fixed issue when Button inside a InputGroup without Icon.

0.45. 0.5.17

0.45.1. Bug Fixes

  • General: Fixed Easy-Grid dependency.
  • Deck Swiper: Fixed onSwiping feature.

0.46. 0.5.16

0.46.1. Upgraded Features

  • Picker:
    • Support inline label for Picker(Android).
    • Picker fills the view when defined as inlineLabel.

0.46.2. Bug Fixes

  • General:
    • Changed import for ReactNativePropRegistry.
    • Fixed React and RN dependencies.
  • Deck Swiper: Fixed issues with RN 0.37
  • Spinner: Updated dimensions for spinner.

0.47. 0.5.15

0.47.1. Upgraded Features

  • Added Linting rules to missing files

0.47.2. Bug Fixes

  • General: Widgets support null or undefined children.
  • DeckSwiper: Fixed onSwiping feature.

0.48. 0.5.14

0.48.1. New Features

  • Added Typings

0.48.2. Upgraded Features

  • DeckSwiper: Added new props onSwiping, renderTop, renderBottom.

0.48.3. Bug Fixes

  • Button: Fixed toUpperCase error on Android.
  • FAB: Fixed alignment for FAB in all four direction.
  • Header: Support Title and/or Button.

0.49. 0.5.13

0.49.1. Upgraded Features

  • Ref: Added _root ref to all components.

0.49.2. Bug Fixes

  • ListItem: Fixed bug in case of null child.

0.50. 0.5.12

0.50.1. New Features

  • Badge with FooterTab Button: NativeBase Badge with Buttons in FooterTab; much like Facebook notifications.
  • FABs: A special type of promoted action, which when clicked may contain more related actions.
  • Shallow Merge: NativeBase switched to shallow merge.
  • Top TabBar

0.50.2. Upgraded Features

  • CardItem: Fixed padding between card items for iOS and Android.

0.50.3. Bug Fixes

0.51. 0.5.11

0.51.1. Upgraded Features

  • Header: Improved alignment.

0.52. 0.5.10

0.52.1. Upgraded Features

  • Badge: Updated Text style for Badge.
  • Button: Improved alignment.
  • Card: Button in Card renders with proper size.
  • FooterTab: Improved alignment.
  • Header:
    • Supports Title to be used as single component in Header with proper alignment for iOS and Android.
    • Updated Buttons in Header.
  • ListItem:
    • Improved alignment.
    • Alignment for Badge.
    • Alignment for Button.
  • Picker: Improved alignment.
  • Searchbar: Alignment of Icon and placeholder text in Searchbar.

0.53. 0.5.9

0.53.1. New Features

  • Deck Swiper: Tinder-like swipe cards to select/reject data set with features to swipe left and right.
  • Generate Image from Icon: Generates an Image resource for NativeBase Icons.
  • filter() for null value: Usually if a null value is passed as a child to Component, it throws few errors. This .filter() removes all falsey values from this.props.children, preventing the errors, and returning the correct result.

0.53.2. Upgraded Features

  • FooterTab: Added onPress support for elements of FooterTab.
  • InputGroup: Allows null block inside InputGroup Component.
  • Tabs:
    • Help to switch between the Tabs component programmatically. Say page = 1.
    • Ensures that Tabs component's props.children is an array, else creates a single item array if it is not. Thus allows calls to .filter() and .map().
  • ES Lint: Config ESLint (airbnb) to enforce coding style.

0.53.3. Bug Fixes

  • Picker: Updates Picker.Item value dynamically.
  • Keyboard-aware-scroll-view:
    • resetScrollToCoords: This is user definable prop. Coordinates that will be used to reset the scroll when the keyboard hides. Also restores scroll position after keyboard hides if resetScrollToCoords is not set.
    • disableKBDismissScroll: Disables automatic scroll on focus.
  • Content: Eliminates margin on the top of Content which includes any fields inside of it.

Detailed Documentation

0.54. 0.5.8

0.54.1. New Features

  • FooterTab: Button Tabs in Footer.

0.54.2. Upgraded Features

  • Upgraded react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view from 0.1.2 to 0.2.0
  • Button: Supports prop capitalize (only Android)
  • Dynamic Card: Render data in chunks with large set of data.
  • Content: Added ref_scrollview to Content.
  • Theme: Theme variables added for
    • Toolbar for android
    • StatusBar for android

0.54.3. Bug Fixes

  • Badge: Supports font-size, lineHeight, width and color.
  • Checkbox: Responds on user's click.
  • H1, H2, H3 LineHeight: Added lineHeight to H1, H2, H3 components.
  • LisItem:
    • LisItem height removed and scrollView added to container.
    • LisItem supports both iconLeft and iconRight used together.
  • Radio Button: Responds on user's click.

0.55. 0.5.7

0.55.1. Upgraded Features

  • Theme applicable to iconFontFamily
  • Fixed Button issues for Android
  • List now supports Picker as ListItem

Detailed Documentation

0.56. 0.5.6

0.56.1. Upgraded Features

  • Picker
    • Styling Picker
    • Custom buttons in header for Picker.
  • Card includes new prop : button
  • List includes new prop : button

0.57. 0.5.5

0.57.1. New Features

  • Button includes a new prop, disabled.

0.57.2. Upgraded Features

  • Revised Anatomy
  • Fixed bugs when adding props with components to NativeBase widgets.
  • InputGroup
    • Input accepts defined Stylesheet.
    • Added reference to InputGroup to fetch input value.

Detailed Documentation

0.58. 0.5.4

0.58.1. New Features

  • InputGroup
    • Provides three types of textbox: success, disabled and error.
    • Customize border color using Theme file.

0.58.2. Upgraded Features

  • Header component now takes even a single element, Button or Title.

0.59. 0.5.3

0.59.1. New Features

  • Added CardSwiper
  • Added DeckSwiper
  • Integrated Clamp 1.0.1
  • Prop types added to all components of NativeBase.

0.59.2. Upgraded Features

  • Fixed alignment for TextInput
  • Thumbnail supports styles using Theme file.

0.60. 0.5.2

0.60.1. New Features

0.60.2. Upgraded Features

  • Header component for Android
  • Button
  • Card Header and Footer component
  • Form
  • InputGroup
  • List
  • Search bar
  • Tabs

Detailed Documentation

0.61. 0.5.0

0.61.1. New Features

  • Platform specific components with single codebase.
  • Added a set of Fonts.
  • Added Check Box.
  • Added Radio Button.
  • Added Search Bar.
  • Added Spinner.
  • Added Tabs.
  • Added Dynamic List to render data in chunks for app with large set of data.

Detailed Documentation

0.62. 0.4.6

0.62.1. New Features

Detailed Documentation

0.63. 0.3.1

0.63.1. New Features

  • Added Form
  • Added ProgressBar
  • Added Spinner

Detailed Documentation

0.64. 0.3.0

0.64.1. New Features

  • Added Card types.
    • Card with Header and Footer
    • Card List
    • Card Image
    • Card Showcase
  • Added Layout.
  • Added Theme customization.
  • Added Thumbnail component.

Detailed Documentation

0.65. 0.2.1

0.65.1. Upgraded Features

  • Styling for Icon component.

0.65.2. New Features

  • Added Badge component.
  • Added Button types.
    • Button Theme
    • Block Button
    • Round Button
    • Icon Button
    • Button Size
  • Added List types.
    • List Divider
    • List Icon
    • List Avatar
    • List Thumbnail

Detailed Documentation

0.66. 0.2.0

0.66.1. New Features

  • Added List component.

0.66.2. Upgraded Feature

  • Toolbar is recreated as two new components: Header and Footer.
  • Added props to Button.

Detailed Documentation

0.67. 0.1.1

0.67.1. New Features

  • Added layout for screen, separating header and footer from the body.
  • Added Header and Footer using layout.
  • Added button that includes: text, icons, text-with-icon.
  • Added bootstrap themes for button.
  • Added InputGroup to include various styles of textbox.

Detailed Documentation

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